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Government Tegal City
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  Batik batik moor is a pattern that has its own compared with batik Pekalongan and Solo. In addition to the feature that tends to widen, large and somewhat coarse (Style coastal), also in terms of coloring rated bolder combining colors - colors that stand out, Tegal batik So very easy to spot. Batik motifs to create an impression at once straightforward Decisive is a feature in itself for Tegal batik. Besides batik, batik some jumputan. Namely batik production processed using jumputan pattern. Jumputan batik motif gives the impression that abstract and relaxed.
  Shuttlecock is a product of home industries scattered in some village in the District of South Tegal Tegal District and West. Some names / brands Shuttle Cock who survive often in use at events and Sinar Mutiara.
  Production gloves produced by the company / industry Household in Tegal includes two types namely glove type adhesives in the production of the device Weaving Machines (ATM) and sarong type SLOSH are in production with Not Weaving Machine Tools (handloom). Some companies sheath in Tegal has meet domestic and international demand, especially to the Middle East and African countries.
  Potential of Metal in Tegal quite high one large automotive company in Jakarta, such as the Astra entrusted to supply Automotive Spare Parts and engines. It is a sign that the quality of products produced by the industry Metals Metals in Tegal be accepted by the national market, even one of the metals industry in Tegal, namely PT. IDE succeeded in producing Hand Tractor Yu yu brands that dominate the market of agricultural equipment in Java and outside Java (1990).
Corporate / Industrial Metals large classes, in Tegal including PT. (Persero) ALSTOM INDONESIA. Production results include Sugar Factory Equipment, Sluice (Dams), and Tank (non / low pressure). Metal industrial centers scattered in Tegal District of East and South Tegal.
  The taste of tea with tea Tegal different from other regions, Tea Tegal has Sepet and creamy flavor that can not be met in other areas. TONG tea TJI example from the past until now retains the flavor, the shape and innovative packaging that always follows the market tastes. Quite often migrants from other areas to buy tea from Tegal as souvenirs.
  As an alternative medicine, herbal medicine is still able to survive in the midst of society. Although the level of consumption of medical drugs is very high but still many people who consume traditional herbal medicine for reasons not contain chemicals. One of the traditional herbal medicine company in production on a large scale, namely herbal PT. MOTHER Tjipto, while a small scale into home industry scattered in almost all areas Tegal.
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